This Judge Called Child Sexual Abuse Victims the Real 'Aggressors'!

  • da: Llowell W
  • destinatario: Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications

Raymond Soder, 67, pleaded guilty to soliciting sex from two minors, 13 and 14, and admitted he knew their ages when he did so.

Despite having prior convictions for battery and sexual battery, the Leavenworth, Kan., man was sentenced to less than six years in prison — despite state sentencing guidelines indicating at least 13 years. Giving a sentence less than the guidelines requires "substantial and compelling reasons."

During sentencing, District Judge Michael Gibbens questioned whether the two victims weren't actually the "aggressors" in this case. Not only can minors under the age of consent not be "aggressors," they are simply legally incapable of giving consent to any sexual activity with an adult.

Gibbens is blaming the victims in order to defend a known sexual predator and is completely unfit to oversee a courtroom — that is why this petition is calling on the Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications to examine Gibbens and remove him immediately!

Add your name to make your voice heard and to show that you stand with survivors of sexual violence!

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Firma la petizione
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