Speed Reduction Safety Measures for Clay Street, Soham, Ely.

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  • destinatario: Cambridgeshire Cambridge Council. Roads and Pathways.

Clay Street, Soham is a narrow road that bsolutely requires speed reduction measures for the safety of residents and their children.

Clay street is used daily by residents, parents and children as a busy pedestrian route including a walking route for Little Wombatz, (a well used childcare centre), Soham Village College, St Andrews CE Primary School, and local amenitues. .

Much of Clay Street allows access for only single lane traffic due to the need for residents to park. With a very narrow path on one side of Clay street, the traffic travels at speed in close proximity to the prestrians.

Clay Street is blighted by 'boy racers' driving at wholly inappropriate speeds, though this group are not exclusive. The heavy school traffic, general traffic and the regular Industrial traffic delivery lorries for the business area to the east end of the town, regularly drive at inappropriate and dangerous speeds.

Clay Street will also very experience increased traffic due to the new railway station.

The local councillor has promised road reviews which have never come to pass. It had been suggested by local concil that Clay Street could be made into a 'one way' street, however it has been pointed out that this WOULD NOT slow down traffic, where drivers were aware there was nothing coming in the opposite direction, and hence is entirely inappropriate as a speed reduction measure.

Working speed reduction measures are required as soon as possible to reduce the high risk to the safety of all community members.

Please sign this petition and support your community to improve safety for our residents and children. 

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Firma la petizione
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