There is a Genocide of Indigenous Women Happening Right Now

  • da: Llowell Williams
  • destinatario: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canadian Parliament

In almost three years, Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Committee – despite poor cooperation from authorities and unreasonable demands for haste – just released a massive report detailing what it calls an ongoing "Canadian genocide" against Indigenous women and Indigenous members of the LGBT+ communities.

Though it is unlikely the true toll will never be known, the inquiry says well over 4,000 such individuals have been murdered or "disappeared" in just the last several decades. This is unacceptable!

The more than 1,200 page report details the horrors still being endured, even in this post-colonial age, by the Indigenous community. Abductions, sexual violence, forced sterilizations, lack of medical access, mass food insecurity, homelessness and active cultural erasure are just a few of these.

The commission includes 231 specific recommendations on how to make amends for these crimes and see that they do not continue. It will not be easy and it will not happen over night, but it must be done.

Add your name to this petition to call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Parliament to proactively follow through on this commission's report and its recommendations! It is never too late to put an end to centuries of mistreatment of Canada's First Nation peoples!

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Firma la petizione
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