Expunge Records of People Convicted of Marijuana Offenses in California!

  • da: Julie M
  • destinatario:  California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and Attorney General Xavier Becerra, California
Marijuana will become legal for all adults in California starting in January 2018. This is a huge step for civil liberties! It is also a much-welcome departure from failed policies that place nonviolent people in prison simply for exercising their right to plant-based medicine.

However, thousands of people are still sitting in prison for marijuana-related crimes. Yet a provision of the new law offers them the chance to have their criminal records cleared or the charges sharply reduced. This is great news, because marijuana convictions can make it difficult for people to get hired, and the hardship disproportionately affects low-income people of color.

The problem is that many people with marijuana-related crimes on their record don't know that they can have their records expunged.

Drug Policy Alliance says there were 500,000 arrests for marijuana offenses in California in the past 10 years, up to a MILLION people may have convictions on their records that can be reviewed or scrubbed clean.

Defense lawyers said the state has put little effort into letting people know they can have their cases reviewed. Most people hear through word of mouth or social media.

Please sign this petition to demand the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and Attorney General Xavier Becerra alert all prisoners and convicts that they can have their marijuana convictions reviewed!
Aggiorna #210 mesi fa
Great news! California has passed the bill to expunge marijuana charge records. Now we just need Jerry Brown to sign it into law and 218,000 cases could be eligible.
Aggiorna #1circa un anno fa
San Francisco is leading the way by wiping thousands of marijuana convictions off the books. Now let’s get California state to follow suit!
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Firma la petizione
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