Tell Mike Johnson to pass the budget and avoid a disastrous shutdown!

Once again, the United States government is being held hostage by right-wing extremists intent on gutting the social safety net and imposing mass suffering on the American people in the name of bad faith "fiscal responsibility."

Speaker Mike Johnson is careening our nation towards a government shutdown at the end of the month as he proves unable to get his caucus to agree on spending bills amongst each other, let alone produce any that would get a single Democratic vote — which they will need in order to fund the government and avoid a disastrous shutdown.

Demand McCarthy fund the government and avoid a shutdown!

Now that we have a Democratic president, the Freedom Caucus radicals suddenly pretend to care very deeply about responsible spending while adding $3 trillion to the national debt when Trump was in office; this is a nakedly political attempt to create propaganda wins for Trump and the right-wing media network at the expense of the well-being of the American people.

Enough is enough. It is beyond absurd we have to go through this ridiculous budget fight every single year. Mike Johnsony needs to do his job and fund the government, no matter what the radicals in his party say or do.

Demand Mike Johnson fund the government and avoid a shutdown!

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