End Unjust Electricity Billing in Bangladesh: Demand Fair Charges Now!

Dear Fellow Citizens of Bangladesh,

We, the people of Bangladesh, are facing an unprecedented crisis. Unjust and exorbitant electricity bills have become a daily nightmare for millions of us. Whether you use pre-paid or post-paid meters, the story is the same: inexplicable charges that are draining our hard-earned money. Each time we top up our meters, we are met with shockingly high deductions. The situation is no better for those on post-paid plans, who are receiving hefty bills without any clear justification.

This unfair practice is pushing families to the brink. Small businesses, already struggling, are finding it even harder to stay afloat. The lack of transparency and accountability in the billing process is unacceptable. We deserve to know why we are being charged so much and what steps will be taken to correct this issue.

This petition is our collective call for immediate action. We demand:

Transparent Billing: Clear, itemized bills that explain charges in detail.
Fair Pricing: An end to unjustified charges and a review of current pricing policies.
Accountability: An investigation into the billing practices of electricity providers.
Consumer Protection: Policies to protect consumers from unfair billing and unjust penalties.
By signing this petition, you are standing up for your rights and the rights of every Bangladeshi citizen. Together, we can push for the change we so desperately need. Let's unite and demand fairness and transparency in our electricity billing system.

Sign this petition to show that we will not be silenced and that we demand a fair and just solution to this crisis. Let's bring light back into our lives—literally and metaphorically.

Join us in this crucial fight. Your signature can make a difference.This might help bring this issue to the eyes of government.

Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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