Stop Hermit Crab Abuse!

    Hermit crabs are one of the most abused animals and yet no one is doing anything to stop it. There are very few websites actually doing something to change this. Hermit crabs are getting abused and no one seems to care. This is a huge problem, because every year, thousands of hermit crabs are getting abused and tortured. Each year more and more are dying. People overlook them. Everyone is focusing on saving the other animals, like dogs, or cats from getting abused, which is great, except for the fact almost no one seems to care about hermit crabs. They're animals too and they may seem small, or like "throw-away" pets, but they have lives that they deserve to live without being tortured just to be a fun "toy" for humans. Each year thousands upon thousands of hermit crabs are stolen from their homes. Through every part of that process, hundreds die. Only some can survive to be sold, but even after being taken home they still go through endless abuse. Hermit crabs have forgotten victims of abuse. They need help. Hermit crabs once taken from their paradise of a home go through an endless cycle of torture until they eventually die. They are abused every single day since they are kidnapped. Some hermit crabs get so stressed from the amount of things that these poor creatures have gone through, that they drop their limbs off. There is no way to help them once they do this, and this could happen at any time. Also, Hermit crab "homes" are another form of abuse to hermit crabs. Hermit crabs require a lot of room, exact temperatures, salt/fresh water, sand, and hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of equipment. If you are thinking of getting hermit crabs, don't. The more people that buy hermit crabs the more that hermit crabs are kidnapped and abused. If everyone stopped buying hermit crabs then there would be no reason to kidnap them and force them to go through endless abuse. Hermit crab homes that you always see on the boardwalk are very unsafe for them. Some of these cages suffocate them, hurt them very badly, and a lot of the time, these cages are a huge factor in the reason they die. These cages do not support them. They are so small, and barely have any room in them. These cages are very abusive to them and are a horrible way to house hermits. Please help be the change and sign this petition to ban hermit crabs to being sold, or pets.
    Firma la petizione
    Firma la petizione
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