They're Destroying Precious Koala Habitat For a Gun Range

  • da: Care2 Team
  • destinatario: Queensland State Government
There is truly no worse reason to destroy the shrinking habitat of the koala in Australia than for a gun range — but nevertheless, that's what is about to happen if we don't speak up. The Queensland state government is approving the expansion of a gun range that would clear 5.4 hectares (or about 13 acres) of koala habitat. The dwindling koala population can't afford to lose any more land.

Sign on if you want the Queensland government not to approve the expansion plan!

Koalas have suffered so greatly over the last hundred years and are now technically classified as "vulnerable," though many groups are fighting to have that status changed to the more accurate "critically endangered."

Tragically, 2 hectares (about 5 acres) have already been cleared for the project! Not only is the amount of land upsetting, but it's also critical land where koalas and sugar gliders pass through. Destroying it would be devastating to both species. 

There have been over 100 sighting of koalas in that land area. Koalas have such a hard time surviving since they have evolved to eat only one plant: eucalyptus. That's why they really can't just change homes, they would starve. It's completely cruel to allow this project to go on. 

We can't let this silly gun range threaten koalas any more!

The sweet creatures are relying on us to stop the destruction of their homes: will you join us in calling on the Queensland government to shut this proposal down right now?
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