Ukraine Desperately Needs Aid. Tell US Lawmakers to End Their Deadly Delay!

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The two-year mark of Russia's violent invasion of Ukraine is approaching. For nearly two years, Ukraine has endured relentless attacks and aggression from Russia. It's estimated that hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost, millions of people have been displaced, and the country has been ravaged by widespread devastation.

The United States' proposed $60 billion aid bill for Ukraine is not just a piece of legislation; it's a lifeline for a nation fighting for its freedom. While it has passed in the Senate, it is terribly unclear whether or not the House will vote yes on this critical aid. There is no excuse for delaying this critical aid. But because the aid bill contains budget for multiple conflicts, including spending for Israel, it has complicated the issue and made it a partisan nightmare. Lumping these issues together is not appropriate -- achieving aid for Ukraine is too important to conflate with other complex issues.

Sign the petition demanding immediate action! Let's urge the US House of Representatives to pass the Ukraine aid bill without delay. Together, we can stand with Ukraine in its darkest hour and provide the support it urgently needs.

There is a precedent for extracting issues and simplifying the bill to get Ukraine its much needed aid. During the Senate vote, measures to boost immigration enforcement were removed from the bill, bringing the budget down and making the package more passable. The same must be done for the other issues on this bill. It does not make any sense to send money to Israel, which has been warned by the International Court of Justice to "prevent death, destruction and any acts of genocide," within the same aid package for Ukraine which has been invaded.

The consequences of inaction are dire. Lives hang in the balance. Every moment without assistance deepens the suffering of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire and threatens the state of global democracy everywhere. The longer the US waits to pass critical aid legislation, the harder it becomes for Ukraine to defend its sovereignty.

Please join us in demanding immediate action! Sign the petition calling on the US House of Representatives to prioritize and pass an aid bill for Ukraine without delay. Together, let's stand in solidarity with Ukraine and show that their fight for freedom matters to us all.
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