Make an Environmental Protection Zone between Lansing and Detroit

    With Detroit Metro area being as large as it is it can harm the natural rural environment of Livingston, Shiawasee, Ingham, and Jackson counties. The areas of these counties that are still rural need to be protected from the large city of Detroit(even though its almost 100 miles out from Detroit.) The city of Detroit and its suburban area has grown so large that it is dangerous to the environment and culture of the rest of the state. The same thing should also be done in the Toledo area, Grand Rapids area, Chicago area, South Bend area, Flint area, and Holland area. As each of these cities becomed enlarged it destroys the culture of the inner cities and inner suburbs. These large cities long since been degrading in societal quality. They need to limit the size of each city+suburbs. As they're growing its also destroying the agriculture and forests in our great state of Michigan.
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    Firma la petizione
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