OIPA International discover this awful place after a tourist segnalation: The Bitola Zoo, is a zoo in Bitola, Macedonia, founded on 1st May 1950 with the help of the Skopje’s, Zagreb’s, Belgrade’s and Subotica’s zoos.
The zoo hosts several animal species, local and wildlife ones.
Clearly from the pictures these animals are kept in improper conditions and with no attention for their ethological needs.
In the zoo there are several farm and local animals and also 4 bears, 3 tigers (1 couple and 1 male living alone in his cage), tens of monkeys and two lions.

The owners of the zoo have been accused of feeding the animals with their similar's dead or with stray dogs.

OIPA and Animalia Ohrid send an official lettre to the Macedonian Government asking to close the structure and to take strict legal action against the responsibles.



Hereby to express my deepest indignation for the mistreatment to which the animals in the Bitola Zoo are condemned to live. Bears, lions, tigers, monkeys are wonderful wild animals, and they need to live freely. Confine them in little cages to be shown to clients is an horrific and irresponsible behaviour, that does not consider the importance of this endangered animals’ lives, and of their role in the environment balance. I'm asking to start searching for a better place where those animals will be able to spend the rest of their life. I’m asking to take strict legal action against the responsibles of the abuses and close the Bitola Zoo.
Personally, I will not visit Macedonia, and I will ask all my acquaintances to do the same, until this situation will be solved.


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