Demand the GOP stop their baseless impeachment inquiry into President Biden!

GOP House Speaker McCarthy has finally caved to the extremist right-wing and has announced he will be opening an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, based on nothing but spurious conspiracy theories and the frustration that they can't find anything to actually blame the President for.

House Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) even admitted on live TV that they don't have any evidence, and "that's what the impeachment inquiry is for." A conspiracy desperately in need of any shred of proof, this inquiry will be nothing but an egregious waste of time by the men and women ostensibly elected to govern this country.

Tell McCarthy to stop this ridiculous impeachment inquiry!

The impeachment inquiry did little to calm the insatiable and unreasonable extremists in the House Freedom Caucus, who immediately announced that this wasn't enough and began demanding that McCarthy refuse to pass a spending bill and subpoena Biden's entire family or else they would remove him from office.
Giving in to these legislative terrorists won't accomplish anything — just like an "impeachment inquiry" won't do anything except waste valuable taxpayer dollars and Congressional time. It's time we told McCarthy to act like an adult for once in his life and do the right thing for our country.

Demand Speaker McCarthy stop his baseless impeachment inquiry into President Biden!

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