Trump's Choice For Federal Land Management Wants To End Their Protection

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In a move that's shocking to no one, Trump has pushed for appointing an acting director of the Bureau of Land Management that literally doesn't think the U.S. should have federal lands. His name is William Perry Pendley and he needs to go. 

This man would be disastrous for our precious federal lands, will you sign on to the Secretary of the Interior to choose someone else for the position?

Trump has had it out for federal lands from the get go, believing they shouldn't be protected, but instead sold and developed or mined or otherwise destroyed. But federal lands are a national treasure! By protecting these lands on a federal level, some of the most beautiful and biologically diverse areas in the country are saved. What a tragedy it would be for all that beauty to be destroyed, all for a little money. 

Pendley has written that he believes the Founding Fathers wanted all federal lands to be sold. He also has close tied to the Koch brothers, who are notoriously anti-environmental protections. Pendley is also very pro-coal, even though he's gotten in hot water for mismanaging deals around them. 

Not only would this man's appointment be tragic for losing the beauty of these lands, but also the destruction of the homes of so many ecosystems. In fact, so many endangered animals here in the U.S. can only survive because their habitats are protected as federal lands. 

The bottom line is that the appointment of William Perry Pendley would be a disaster. Please sign on to help stop it!

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