Please End the Online Cruelty to Cambodian Macaques on Youtube Channels for Personal Gain

For the protection of the macaques residing in Cambodian temple areas, this petition requests activities of the videographers posting on YouTube channels for personal gain be banned or regulated.

The videographers of monetized channels treat the macaques poorly in many ways, focusing on the infants and juveniles or any injured or sick macaque. Video trends include extended close ups of serious injuries, stark videos of births, deaths, filming them being force fed, caged which is very stressful for them. Daily contact with cameramen who feed them has made them more trusting to humans,more vulnerable to the illegal pet trade traffic and exotic food market.
Near past, wildlife protection agencies have had to rescue several infants from channel owners who stole babies from their mother for profit filming. Macaque infants named Heidi, Amy survived and are being cared for at a wildlife protection organization. Baby Kaya, critically injured by a sibling this past December was taken to a pet store clinic, where eight cameramen stood around while she was given multiple injections. She died shortly after. There was an estimated 400 videos of Kaya at time of her demise.

While the activity appears to have started in Cambodia's Siem Reap province these videos, viewable by minors, have spread to the provinces of Battambang and Kampong Cham. Often a Cambodian YouTube channel owner will have several and teams of cameramen who are on alert for distressed macaques they can exploit for profit, views and subscriptions. Over 40 video channels, distribution on websites in other Asian countries, Western and Eastern Europe serve as testimony to the increased popularity.   

Wildlife protection agencies and reputable vets in Cambodia are urging viewers to stop watching. Individuals are reporting to YouTube, letters are being written internationally to the Cambodian government and USA advertisers. 

It is being asked that the Cambodian Government either ban and keep these cameramen who post on monetized ​You​Tube channels for personal gain off their properties or regulate their activities. Please give the macaques protection from abuse by these Cambodian videographers.


Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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