Protect female cougars in Colorado!

  • da: Brady Dunne
  • destinatario: Colorado Govenor, Colorado Parks and Wildlife; Dan Prenzlow, Mark Vieira, Wildlife Commisioners,

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is in the final stages of implementing a plan that is intended to decimate cougar populations in Colorado. The West Slope Mountain Lion Management Plan will allow hunters to kill 664 cougars this winter, up from 541 killed last winter.

This plan will also allow an increase in killing female cougars, leaving their cubs to starve or wander in search of food. All of the recent conflicts between humans and cougars in Colorado have been with young and/or orphaned cubs.

Please sign the petition to demand that CPW includes a 15% female sub-quota regulation into their plan for all Harvest Groups.

CPW claims that this plan is based on science, while at the same time will not release their most pertinent agency science to the public (Denver Post Article). No one is certain how many cougars are in Colorado. The best way to ensure a healthy population is by protecting female cougars (and their cubs) from being over hunting.

Cougars are the last large carnivore roaming the wild places of protect this state's Wild Integrity.

Let Colorado Parks and Wildlife know that MOST Coloradans want a healthy cougar population and to protect female cougars from over hunting!

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Firma la petizione
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