Launch a Public Environmental Impact Assessment into Abortion

    Abortion is a controversial topic. There's no getting away from that. However this is a time when Climate Change is always in the news as well. It will affect everybody. That is why men have a right to know the environmental impact of abortion globally.

    As I understand it various toxic chemicals are extracted from the earth for the procedure (which research shows the unborn child is fully aware of) and then once dead, the foetus is burnt releasing all the carbon in it's short life. Of course one procedure seems very minor compared to the oil and gas that is burnt everyday for human use but on the scale it is happening is a cause for concern.

    The countries with the highest number of abortions are producing the biggest amounts of carbon dioxide year after year. When Donald Trump enforced stricter rules on abortions USA's carbon footprint went down. I know! I found that hard to believe too but it's true.

    Of course women should have the right to choose whether they have a family or a career but clearly there are more environmentally friendly ways like not having sexual intercourse. So instead of loosening the laws on child sacrifice, or abortion, as it is referred to nowadays, lets be aware of the impact it will have on us and the children that we choose to allow to survive.
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    Firma la petizione
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