It's Time To Ban the Marine-Life-Killing Shark Nets

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  • destinatario: The Government of New South Wales
If you came upon a wild animal in need, suffering and close to death would you step in?

For most people, the answer is a clear yes, but in Ballina, Australia, doing so could get you a hefty fine — up to $22,000. Instead, you are encouraged to move along, all the while knowing that without help, the animal will surely die.

The beaches of Ballina and other cities in New South Wales have resorted to protecting beachgoers by installing cruel shark nets. In reality, shark net is a misnomer, because they don't just catch and kill sharks. The cruel devices ensnare protected species like whales, dolphins, and turtles as well.

In fact, since the nets were installed in 2016, the government says  275 animals have been entangled, activists say the real number could be far higher.

The worst part is it doesn't have to be this way. There are other methods to protect swimmers while also protecting marine life. Drone technology and using special buoys that emit sounds that scare sharks are just two of the options.

With over 51 shark nets currently in place in New South Wales, who knows just how many animals are being killed daily. But what is known is that this "technology" is harmful to the ecosystem and causes real suffering to ocean animals.

Please call on the government of New South Wales and ask them to find a new way to protect beachgoers. Sign the petition and tell them to remove the shark nets.
Aggiorna #29 mesi fa
Courts in Australia have ruled in favor of animal rights. Queensland can no longer use lethal methods against sharks. When will other states stop as well? Please share this petition to keep up the pressure.
Aggiorna #1circa un anno fa
Western Australia just announced they will implement a nonlethal shark deterrent system New South Wales can do the same. Please continue to share this petition to keep up the pressure.
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