Tell Disney to Acquire AMC Networks

  • da: Max Reel
  • destinatario: The Walt Disney Company

In 2017, I have read in this article that Disney is monopolizing the entertainment industry. In fact, they acquired 20th Century Fox for Disney+ and to reclaim X-Men and Fantastic Four. The worst of it is Disney will acquire Sony or Columbia Pictures after it misses the March 3, 2023 mark, and then they'll buy Universal, and then Warner Bros.
We can't let that happen, we have got to do something so none of this will ever happen.

The good news is, I have read this article that has three media mergers, two vertical, and one horizontal. The vertical mergers are Comcast with Lionsgate, and Disney with AMC Networks, the horizontal is Warner Bros. Discovery with Paramount Global. The reason I read this is, so that Disney can get a bigger catalog, and then acquire Spider-Man and Men in Black from Sony, and leave Sony the way it is. We have got to have got to have Disney merge with AMC, so we wouldn't have another monopoly over a major film studio.

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