Pro-Trump Lawyer Threatens Spanish-Speaking Deli Employees

  • da: Care2 Team
  • destinatario: New York Bar Association
A man was filmed this week berating employees at a Fresh Kitchen in New York for speaking Spanish to each other and to a Spanish-speaking customer. During the ugly tirade, he threatened to call ICE and insulted their appearance.

After the video went viral, the man was identified as New York lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, and more videos quickly surfaced. Schlossberg is a regular at pro-Trump rallies, and will use any opportunity to spew vitriol against other Americans.

While Schlossberg is free to hold whatever hateful views he wants, he does not have the right to intimidate and threaten other Americans. That's why we're calling on the New York Bar Association to investigate and discipline Attorney Aaron Schlossberg.

Aaron Schlossberg is a prime example of how racists have become emboldened under Trump's presidency. We cannot let this kind of bigoted behavior go unchecked anymore. His conduct was inappropriate and motivated by nothing more than fear and hate.

Please join in demanding that the New York Bar Association discipline Aaron Schlossberg for this disgusting display of racism.
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