Rich Countries Caused Climate Change, but Poor Countries Are Paying for It

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  • destinatario: United States, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, and Japan
Every country on earth should be moving towards clean, green, renewable energy. And rich countries that are responsible for climate change should be providing the funding to make this happen.

Sign now to demand the top 5 over-emitting countries - the United States, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and Japan - pay climate reparations!

Our planet is on fire, and poor countries around the world are suffering some of the worst consequences of it. From Bangladesh's catastrophic sea level rise to crop-destroying droughts across sub-Saharan Africa, billions of people who have virtually no responsibility for our current environmental crises are bearing the brunt of climate impacts.

To make matters worse, these poor and developing countries are now being expected to implement modern energy technology at the same rate as the richest countries on earth.

Wealthy countries have been over-emitting greenhouse gasses for well over a century. In fact, countries like the United States, Russia, Germany, the UK and Japan have all used a tremendous amount of fossil fuels in their development into industrialized world superpowers. But low-income former colonies were not given the opportunity to go through that same development process. And now, as climate change demands a rapid green energy transition, rich countries should be paying climate reparations to make that process easier for the world's lower-income nations.

If we want to actually prevent climate catastrophe, all countries on Earth must transition to clean and renewable energy sources. But the countries who caused the problem must take responsibility and pay reparations to make this possible! Sign the petition now if you agree!
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