Tell Reutlinger Weihnachtszirkus (circus) elephants don’t belong in the snow or circus!

  • da: A Sleem
  • destinatario: Lord Barbara Bosch  & Reutlinger Weihnachtszirkus  (circus)

We were completely outraged when a video clip surfaced on social media of an African bull elephant from Reutlinger Weihnachtszirkus (circus) in Germany made to pull winter sleds carrying children in the SNOW there are so many things wrong with this picture.

· This elephant is stressed and sucking his trunk the whole time pulling the sled
· Look at the skin condition of this elephant
· The trainer is seen in the video holding a bull hook
· Elephants are not suitable for below freezing temperatures and are naturally adapted to life in a hot climate – however this bull has been forced to live in an environment that does not truly meet his needs

It's the age of awareness there is a growing movement across the globe to boycott circuses . Times have changed as we move decades forward ------- We have access to everything digital ( We don't Need animals to entertain us)

Animals are carted around city to city circus life for these animals are damaging — crammed into spaces, grueling schedules , heavily chained , stuck into cages, forced daily to perform and are subjected to the most abusive training methods. They suffer from a lifetime of horrifying psychological abuse to teach them new tricks and are only allowed to be let out when it's time to perform or train.

Our plea is to ask Reutlinger Weihnachtszirkus (circus) to become an animal free circus such as these

To the public "Every Ticket you buy means a lifetime of torture to wild animals" elephants never forget  Please be their Voice and sign the petition

#CaptivityKills #dontbuyaticket #AnimalWelfareWorldWide #Elephants #circus #Germany #ReutlingerWeihnachtszirkus

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Firma la petizione
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