Say NO! to residential highrises on Timiryazev university's experimental fields

  • da: Leena Yembaturova
  • destinatario: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of Russian Federation

Experimental lands of Timiryazev University, the oldest and the leading agrarian educational establishment in Russia, have suffered from an itching palm. 100 hectares of lands (a unique collection 70-y.o. orchard, horse-rearing facilities and 104-y.o. field experiment to trace climate changes) are to be bulldozed and build up with lucrative apartment buildings, despite the Decree of President Dmitry Medvedev of 2008 giving Timiryazev university the status of a cultural heritage site. The decision was made by 14 people through absentee voting
Not only will these actions disrupt the whole educational process at the university (most likely resulting in the shutdown of its 3 key faculties so over 2000 students will miss a chance to get a degree with a scholarship) but also the whole ecosystem in the neighbourhood will be destroyed.
Moscow, the city of over 12 million people, is suffocating in traffic jams every day and so will be our community near Timiryazev university. None of the staff, students or local residents have been informed or asked about this barbaric land seizure and forgoing ambitious plans and were placed before an accomplished fact.
While the plans are only on paper,   we demand that the governmental committee reconsider the decision to remove and build-up the historical lands and facilities of Timiryazev university. Please support us and help students and professors keep the university and locals - their green neighbourhood! Join us in saying NO to highrises and shopping malls in the middle of cultural heritage site!

Aggiorna #17 anni fa
Dear supporters from all over the world! We can never thank you enough for your incredible support! On January, 30th, after almost a year of a hard fight, the lands were officially returned to us to be used only for scientific purposes! Without your support, we could never have done it!
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Firma la petizione
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