Juvenile Crimes And Punishment

A pre-meditated, robbery, and assault with a firearm act occurred on January 28, 2024, and three young male adults were affected. One of the victims died twice, but God willing came back to us, and is paralyzed from mid chest down. California judicial system for these juveniles is flabbergasting for committing such a violent crime. The juvenile criminals transfer to be trialed as an adult has been waived. Why? Because California is different from many states in terms of the overarching philosophy that guides its approach to juvenile justice. In short, California's approach to juvenile crime prioritizes the rehabilitation of young offenders rather than their punishment. The only rehabilitation should be the victims. The juvenile criminals should serve time in confinement and learn from their consequences. The juvenile criminals should be held accountable for such violent crimes. Due to the nature of the crime, juvenile case's should be in court held in front of a jury, which allow the victims to have a fair trial rather than a judge being sole decision maker. We are advocating for all the victims that have been affected by juvenile crimes and had no justice. We are your voice and want to see the judicial system change. We are involving ourselves and examining the effectiveness of a restorative justice approach in reducing the rates among juvenile offenders, exploring the challenges in implementing such practices within the juvenile justice system, and identifying best practices for successful implementation. Join us if you will! #JrStrong #juvenilecriminals #GavinNewsom #MayorKevinLincolnII

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