Claymore Season 2!

I want people to sign because I know they all miss the anime tv series of Claymore and I know people would want to vote for more of it.

Thank you guys for voting. I am glad to have made this so that when we get enough votes on here. We will finally be ready to watch Claymore Season 2.
Aggiorna #32 anni fa
I would love to encourage you all to keep up the good work and share this with as many people as possible, because we sure do have a lot of votes on here. I would encourage you to have these votes go up a little bit more higher, until we are passed 10,000, shall we?
Aggiorna #26 anni fa
We are getting a bit close to having 7,000 votes, but we need more voters to vote and we need to spread the news of this petition very fast and tell everyone ya'll know to vote on here as well, so we can help make this happen.
Aggiorna #16 anni fa
You are all doing well, please continue the good work. We are almost close to achieve our goal of getting a Second Season of Claymore, the very thing we have been waiting for our entire lives for. Ask for more people to vote and we'll have as many votes to show that we all still care. #claymore
Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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