Demand that YouTube removes this hate speech video!

Time and time again I have reported this particular video:

When is YouTube going to remove it? Never it seems!!

Don't you all think the part from about ~7:34 onwards crosses the line? Because I do. *I* find it offensive (for once). Okay? I find it not just "a little bit" offensive, I find it *HIGHLY* offensive.

Basically this man thinks that atheists who have never prayed their entire lives are worse than daily-paedophile-gang-rapist murderers. Or even if you've skipped ONE of the five daily islamic prayers! You are worse in their eyes than doing all of that (apparantly). And I won't have that. I won't stand for it. I want the video gone. I want it removed as soon as possible.

Just look at the IDIOTS commenting on this video. They actually look up to this son of a bitch.

I've already asked several important people at YouTube to remove it. I've asked them very nicely. On several occasions. And they continue to ignore me.

I believe that shitty 'content' like that is damaging Google/YouTube's global brand. Sometimes I wonder if I have to tag 11,000 content overseers to eventually get it removed...

Personally I'd like to see his whole channel taken out. But I'm only asking for this one video taken down. And I want a message sent to Mr Hoblos that it has crossed the line into hate speech.

UPDATE: @Twitter recently banned me for 12+ hours for linking to this petition on #twitter (yes, really). All I tweeted to @SusanWojcicki was: "That's it, I've had enough of you ignoring me. I'm starting a bloody petition."

twitter ban for sharing petition

Aggiorna #5circa un mese fa
The latest news is that I have been banned from Quora and instagram. So that means I have been deplatformed from pretty much all social media channels (with the exception of vk). I don't think it's right when the intelligentsia gets banned/censored and yet this shit-for-brains is allowed to claim that anyone who misses a single islamic prayer is worse than daily-paedo-gang-rapist-murderers. Sorry, it's not on. Not in my country it's not. Share it, share it share it.
Aggiorna #42 mesi fa
Believe it not, but I have been permanently banned for "hate speech" by LinkedIn. Yes me! I repeat, I have been deplatformed. Not just for speaking about muslims, but daring to criticise them. I have appealed (twice). They have rejected that appeal (twice). This week I was also permanently banned from Quora. This is clear censorship and it has got to stop. I am offended. Previously I have been banned by facebook, twitter & youtube. And redbubble. All I have left is Etsy & instagram. share! Now.
Aggiorna #35 mesi fa
Every now and then I start a new petition. Here's my latest one: "Sack Jolyon Maugham, a prominent Barrister/QC who murdered a fox with a baseball bat (and bragged about it on twitter)."
Please sign and share it. Thanks,
Aggiorna #26 mesi fa
What's new this week? Twitter has permanently banned me from their platform (for "hate speech" directed at trophy hunters, if you must know). So I need *you* to share this petition over and over and over again. 600 signatures is okay. But it really needs 60,000. Otherwise, nothing will happen. Peace. Leslie from
Aggiorna #17 mesi fa
183 signatures so far, which is a start! :) Although can I get you all to *please* share this again with your social networks a few times if you haven't already? Susan Wojcicki is completely ignoring me! @Twitter banned me for 12+ hours for linking to this petition on #twitter (yes, really). It's not just her. Many YouTube employees are ignoring me. Just share it share it share it share and then share it some more. Link to this petition on any youtube employees' social media accounts...
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