Can a White Supremacist Be Trusted to Save the Lives of Those He Hates?

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Alex McNabb is an unabashed white supremacist. He co-hosts a popular neo-Nazi podcast called "The Daily Shoah," appearing alongside infamous neo-Nazis who want to exterminate Jewish and black people. He writes anti-black and anti-Jewish blog posts on the alt-right website "The Right Stuff," as well as posts against obese people and the queer community. And he attended the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville that left one counter protester dead.

But as an EMT in Virginia, McNabb is also responsible for saving the lives of people he regularly expresses hate towards. Which begs the question, should he be allowed to have that responsibility? We don't think so.

That's why we're asking the Jeb Stuart Volunteer Rescue to fire Alex McNabb as an EMT today.

McNabb has claimed that he does not discriminate against patients for the their race or religion, but he has also made some disturbing comments on his podcast that suggest otherwise. For example, during an episode on October 4, he said he volunteered to take a young black boy's blood and purposefully used a large-gauge needle to hurt him. He said he "enjoyed great, immense satisfaction as he terrorized this youngster" with the large needle.

In other episodes, McNabb repeatedly uses racial slurs against patients, compares black patients to animals, and generally expresses hate for people of color — clearly showing that he is unfit to serve as an EMT in charge of saving people's live regardless of race or creed.

Alex McNabb is under investigation by Virginia's Department of Health, but the evidence is already clear. Sign now to urge Jeb Stuart Volunteer Rescue to fire McNabb as an EMT now.

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After a state health department investigation, Alex McNabb was cleared of any wrongdoing. But Jeb Stuart Volunteer Rescue hasn't confirmed whether they will reinstate him as a paid employee. Please share this petition to keep the pressure on them to fire McNabb immediately!
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