Texas Roadhouse Manager Shames Breastfeeding Mom

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Sadie Durbin went to dinner at a Louisville Texas Roadhouse with her family, including her 7-week-old baby. When her little girl began crying with hunger, Sadie began to breastfeed her. That's when the drama started. Not five minutes into the feed, a manager scurried over and tried to get her to cover up with a napkin

Sign now if you want Texas Roadhouse to formally apologize and solidify a company-wide policy allowing mothers to breastfeed in their restaurants.

Apparently, some other patrons were uncomfortable with Sadie breastfeeding in public. But here's the thing: that's their problem. Sadie was within her legal right both federally and on a state level to feed her baby in public, whether or not she was covered. 

Sadie told all of this to the manager, but he continued to harass and shame her for feeding her hungry child. Eventually the situation got so unbearable that Sadie and her family left. 

As a mom who has breastfed my son everywhere from restaurants to museums, I've gotten my fair share of disapproving stares. It's difficult to stand up to a room full of people who think what you're doing is dirty and shameful. But there is nothing obscene or offensive about using your breasts for what they are meant to do -- feed babies. 

The harassment that Sadie experienced at Texas Roadhouse is not only illegal, it is damaging to children. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that babies should be breastfed for at least a year, but most women in the US don't make it that long. Constant harassment, lack of lactation facilities, and our society's overriding disgust over breastfeeding makes life incredibly difficult for lactating moms.     

Please join me in asking Texas Roadhouse to issue a much-needed apology and change their company policy to state that mothers are free to breastfeed in their restaurants.
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