Get Donald Trump out of the spot light!

    By allowing Donald Trump to continue his ridiculous accusations of voter fraud and talking our President Biden down and continue his bullying, he will cause riot, hatred and so much more damage to our country. Everyone should know by now the amount of danger he can cause. He cares only about his fame and power. He down talks women, makes fun of everyone. We need to stand by our President and give him all our support. He cares about the people and wants to repair all the damage caused by Trump. Getting rid of hatred, division and violence. He urges us to stand together and help each other, love each other. There is no President that can satisfy all of us. They can only do their best. And President Biden is doing his BEST. The bottom line here is that we have got to do everything we can to get Trump out of the spotlight and all of the Republicans that follow him! STEP DOWN TRUMP!
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    Firma la petizione
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