There Is Proof Of Police Colluding With Right-Wing Extremists!

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  • destinatario: Portland Police Bureau

It recently came to light that Portland Police Lt. Jeff Niiya, who heads up the Portland Police Bureau's protester monitoring unit, has been in extensive contact with Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson.

The police are not supposed to help certain political groups over others, that is not how free speech works. Especially when the groups they're helping are perpetrating violence.

Patriot Prayer is a radical right-wing group which has organized rallies in the Pacific Northwest which frequently lead to violence over the past two years. These gatherings have been increasingly drawing white nationalists and skinheads from around the country.

A now released series of SMS conversation between Lt. Niiya and Gibson, suggests that Niiya is not only sympathetic to Gibson's activities but has also assisted in helping Patriot Prayer members avoid arrest! 

Both Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty have condemned this relationship as "disturbing," warranting both internal and external investigations. Hardesty says this is the latest incident to demonstrate alarming "collusion" between law enforcement in Portland and right-wing extremists.

Add your name here to voice your support for a thorough investigation of the Lt. Jeff Niiya and the Portland Police Bureau as well as to call for any and all actions be taken to ensure police officers there operate objectively and professionally!



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