Stop the creation of a 9 story apartment building in our neighborhood

    I am writing on behalf of myself and my family to object to the 9 story building that is being contemplated for 2892 Nostrand Avenue. This would replace an existing 1 story building, housing a plumbing supply store. We live around the corner and are on that block daily, using the city buses, the park, the shopping, and attending synagogue services. So we are intimately familiar with it.

    The block currently has numerous child based functions including a park, several private schools serving k-12 students as well as services for special needs children. It has numerous attached well-maintained 1-2 family homes, some serving immigrant populations. The block is friendly and perhaps a model for NYC, providing nice living conditions despite the dirt and noise of a busy mixed use street that already includes a liquor store and where it is already difficult to park.

    We feel the proposed housing change would greatly disturb the equilibrium here and would introduce a threatening environment to the many children living in and around this location.
    Kindly reconsider, as this is not an example of NIMBY but rather an attempt to maintain the healthy middle class community living we hope to keep in Brooklyn for many years to come.

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    Firma la petizione
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