Beloved Marium the Baby Dugong Has Died From Eating Plastic!

A baby dugong was orphaned in Southern Thailand and marine biolgists named her Marium. Sweet Marium became famous after videos of her snuggling up to caretakers spread throughout the internet. Now, tragically, Marium has died. But the tragedy is not a surprise given the state of things. Marium died after ingesting too much plastic and going into shock. 

Sign the petition if you want to see Thailand get serious about cleaning up their oceans. 

When it comes to trash in the ocean, we are all a little bit culpable. Every single government and every single citizen of earth needs to get serious about saving our oceans. Without them, we won't survive. Not to mention sweet animals like Marium will keep dying untimely and completely preventable deaths. 

Essentially what happened to Marium is that she ingested plastic, which then inflamed her intestines and infected her blood and lungs. She eventually died of shock. Marium is a dugong, which is a type of marine animal that is currently labeled vulnerable in population. To know that humans are actively contributing to their deaths in both active and passive ways is totally heartbreaking. And it's not only duongs, whales and other marine animals are also being killed by excess plastic in the ocean that they mistake for food like jellyfish. 

Please sign the petition to save animals like Marium from tragic deaths.
Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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