They Rip Out Lions' Claws So Kid Can Play With Them

Lions are wild animals, predators in fact. There is no reason humans should be up close to them. But that hasn't stopped countless zoos from trying to facilitate that up close interaction, all for the money. Now, the Gaza Zoo has taken things all the way from exploitation and psychological abuse to actual heinous animal abuse by removing the claws of lions so kids can be close to them.

Sign now if you think Gaza Zoo should get shut down for this horrible treatment of lions!

Just like when people do this to house cats, the procedure is completely inhumane. It's not like trimming their nails, in fact, it's the equivalent of sawing off fingers up to the first knuckle. It's extremely painful for the animals, usually for the rest of their lives. Plus, it's extremely distressing to them to lose this body part that is meant to keep them safe.

There is a photo of a 14-month-old lioness named Falestine pawing at a tree in extreme stress while a 12-year-old human hugs her. It is in no way ethical or responsible to maim animals for human enjoyment. Even stupider, the zookeepers leave the lions razor sharp teeth in. So they are actually not mitigating the risk of children interacting with lions. And without their claws, it makes sense that the lions will turn to their next best protection: their teeth.

This inhumane and dangerous treatment of wild animals all for a profit is unacceptable. We need to insist that Gaza authorities shut down this zoo right now. Please sign on to lend your support and show officials we will not accept this kind of animal abuse.

Aside from this particular practice, the Gaza zoo is well known for being one of the most abusive in the world. And that's really saying something given that every zoo exploits and psychologically damages their animals and many use physical abuse tactics.

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