Help keep Woodman point an on lead dog beach.

On the 21st of October Cockburn city council are planning to close Woodman point/Ammo Jetty which is currently an on lead dog beach to a dogs prohibited beach. This means the entire Spearwood and Coogee coastline will be now closed to dogs, forcing all 22 000 dogs in the City of Cockburn, and dog owners, into the already unsafe and overcrowded Cy OConnor beach, (one also suffering severe erosion) or the remote and polluted Jervoise bay. This is an infringement of our rights to share in the community, have access to local and safe beaches for ourselves and our dogs, and be able to partake in social life (particularly in hot months) with our pets. One of the reasons given by the City is that this is a tern nesting area. However dogs have been coming here for five years, there is no documented impact of dogs on terns nesting, and Ammunition Jetty beach is NOT in fact a tern nesting site- the site for nesting is at the point (this is evidenced in NatureMaps documentation). Further, scientific evidence from this area, shows the impact on birds nesting sites, to be not from dogs, but from humans and vechiles. 

Many people treasure this beach as a safe place for rescue dogs, timid dogs, and small dogs, given that it is not crowded, it has an expansive open shoreline and it is an on lead beach. It is one of the few respites for many to visit and enjoy with their pets. Please tell the council that this is not a fair decision, not an ecological decision, and not a decision that respects the community where our dogs are our family. Have your voice count, on behalf of yourself and your pooch, and ask that this decision be REVOKED.

Please help sign to get our beach back. 

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