Stop removal of beautifying rock beds along riverfront and breezeways

    As the first resident to own at Riverfront 2 condos (1986)My intention was to beautify our common area around my unit and the bridge in front of it. These areas have been left untouched for 33+ years. The sprinklers cause mud to wash over the sidewalk between Units 42 & 43 which lead to our mailboxes. Year after year nothing is done to prevent this and it had caused such erosion that pvc piping was becoming exposed around my unitn #43. I was recently offered a good amount of rock free of charge and delivered but was only given a couple hours notice. I jumped on it and installed the rocks in the breezeway/walkway as described above, mimicking the rockbed adjacent (in front of Hugos' shed). I also had an artist arrange rocks in front of the large Poplar tree in front of my unit where walking bridge is located. The area around this tree once had beautiful small purple flowers, however years ago a worker, who was not properly informed & spoke no English, spread grass seed in this area and my flower bed. Nothing was ever done to address the 15" grass that grows each year in both areas. I did not get permission for the changes I made, I believed them to be great improvements and since noone cared to fix the problem prior to me doing it never dreamed I would be ordered to return the areas to their previous condition by a licensed contractor and in a weeks time or the board will do it and bill it to our account. I have spent nearly 3,000 dollars total in the installation of these improvements and it would cost as much to remove it all. I find the board request to be absurd and want them to know how many of the residents of Riverfront condominiums agree. I feel I have saved the Association the money that potentially would have had to be spent on at least the rock to go in by the mailboxes where all the erosion was occurring. Across the way they spent well over $1,000 to place the rocks in the same fashion. So what is the point in me removing all of them when they will just have to be replaced? The fact that the Board Members will be making that decision, rather than myself? Our money does not have to be wasted the way it often is, this is a perfect example. They spend thousands in legal fees fighting amongst themselves as it is and we foot the bill for it. Please sign this petition so we may not only keep the rocks Iv'e already put in, but to save us the money that they will spend to replace them once removed! I have agreed to pay the fine for not getting prior approval. Lets leave it at that. Your support with this issue could make all the difference!! Thank you. Rene'e DeMond #43 Riverfront 2 Condominiums
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    Firma la petizione
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