New York Is Updating Its Constitution to Protect Abortion Rights and LGBTQ+ Rights

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The state of New York is making history by amending its Constitution to give more clarity to the state's Equal Rights Amendment. The new amendment will enshrine protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. The bill also guarantees an individual's right to reproductive health care and autonomy!

This is a huge victory for the civil rights of all Americans – and it is time the rest of the country steps up.

Sign now to urge all other U.S. states to pass these types of protections to preserve LGBTQ+ rights and abortion rights!

Currently, the ERA prevents discrimination based on sex, but this expansion will make anti-discrimination measures much more applicable in instances of discrimination. In the wake of Roe, these types of state-level protections – particularly those that ratify the state constitution – are essential.

Right-wing politicians are wreaking havoc on bodily autonomy across the country, especially in the American South. But, by codifying these protections into state constitutions or state laws, states can guarantee that no matter how misogynistic and homophobic Republicans are, they won't be able to take away our sexual and reproductive freedoms.

It is time that all other U.S. states follow in the footsteps and enshrine LGBTQ+ rights and abortion rights formally into state law. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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