Please sign petition if you agree with safety concerns of U turns on highway 20 east of coalville.

The safety of highway 20 is in jeopardy because of the addition of U turns, It is called R cut road which is going to be very dangerous. There will be a U turn on a hill, this will be added for a truck stop, which our Webster county supervisor overruled the recommendation of the zoning board.(because they had safety concerns) Now they want to put a truck warehouse distribution center. Trucks constantly going in and out of a road with no exits, and having to do a U turn on the highway on a hill. You might not think this effects you, but you are wrong any time you are going on highway 20, East of the coaiville exit you will be faced with semi's in the road going slowly up the hill causing a very dangerous situation. Add fog or snow to the situation and the dangerous situation is amplified.

Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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