Application for the Humanitarian and Safe Relocation of Migrants in Public Plazas of CDMX

    Recipient: Head of Government of Mexico City, Ministry of the Interior, National Migration Institute

    In recent weeks, we have observed a significant increase in the number of migrants living in precarious conditions in public squares in Mexico City. This situation not only affects the dignity and well-being of migrants, but also has an impact on the local community and the use of public spaces.

    We demand that the corresponding authorities immediately implement a comprehensive plan that includes the following actions:

    1. Humanitarian Relocation:
    Provide migrants with temporary accommodation in adequate facilities that guarantee decent conditions, access to basic services such as food, drinking water, sanitation and medical care.

    2. Protection and Security:
    Ensure that the relocation is carried out safely, respecting the human rights of migrants and avoiding any form of abuse or discrimination.

    3. Legal and Psychological Assistance:
    Offer legal support to regularize their immigration status and psychological assistance for those who have suffered trauma during their trip.

    4. Social Integration:
    Develop integration programs that include access to education and job opportunities to facilitate their incorporation into Mexican society.

    5. International Cooperation:
    Work together with international organizations and governments of countries of origin and transit to find long-term solutions that address the causes of migration.

    Migrants are in an extremely vulnerable situation and it is the duty of society and the government to protect their rights and well-being. Mexico City must be an example of humanity and solidarity, providing dignified treatment to those seeking a better future.

    Sign this petition to urge our authorities to act quickly and effectively for the benefit of migrants and our community.
    Firma la petizione
    Firma la petizione
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