Demand Hazard Pay from NVA for Veterinary Workers

  • da: Vet Assistant
  • destinatario: National Veterinary Associates, Inc. (NVA)

NVA (National Veterinary Associates) is the largest private owner of freestanding veterinary hospitals in the US. Their net worth is hundreds of millions of dollars. Currently, during this pandemic, hundreds of veterinary workers are risking their health to come to work and treat our animal patients. However, they are doing so with no hazard pay. Not to mention the fact that some in this professional medical field make as little as $12/hour for a job that takes specialized training. In fact, when this pandemic started, their response to the panic was "business as usual". Many other corporations in the retail and food industry are offering hazard pay to their employees, and yet our sector of the healthcare field are offered nothing to compensate for the personal risk they face to ensure the health of the pets they treat and for public health in general. By signing this petition, you help put pressure on NVA to adequately compensate their veterinary staff for the work that they are doing, hopefully pushing NVA to do the right thing and provide hazard pay for their employees.

What we want:

- Hazard pay (preferably 20% of our current wage as seen in other corporations and WITHOUT any cuts to other benefits to compensate)

Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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