Protect a Lifesaving Food Aid Program

Food for Peace programs have helped millions of children survive and thrive.  

This lifesaving support helps families and communities feed themselves. But right now, it's at risk.  

Some lawmakers are pushing legislation that would seriously damage Food for Peace – even as 783 million people worldwide are going hungry.  

We need advocates to speak up NOW. Tell Congress to protect Food for Peace! 

Dear [elected official],

783 million people around the world are going hungry. 148 million children are experiencing stunted growth, while 45 million are suffering from wasting – a severe form of malnutrition.  

Congress has shown real leadership in addressing this crisis. The House Agriculture Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee have worked to modernize Food for Peace Title II in the past four Farm Bills, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of lifesaving aid.  

But the American Farmers Feed the World Act (H.R. 4293/S. 2862) puts this bipartisan effort in peril. While this bill may be well-intentioned, it would seriously damage Food for Peace programs. Cutting funds used for targeting, oversight and evaluation would lower the quality of emergency response, and all efforts to build communities' resilience would be lost – which, research shows, saves $3 for every $1 invested. To make matters worse, this bill threatens USAID's ability to move food inland, severely limiting the reach of support.  

Overall, the American Farmers Feed the World Act would fundamentally increase global hunger and the cost of responding to it. I urge you to protect Food for Peace by opposing H.R. 4293/S. 2862 today, ensuring these harmful provisions aren't included in the Farm Bill. 

[Your comment here]

Thank you for safeguarding kids' futures!

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