Pledge to be a Care Voter!

Time for care is an essential right that all of our families need access to. Our communities are impacted by our lack of time to care for loved ones, and even time for someone to care for us without losing our jobs and income, but that doesn't mean we're powerless. We believe that our government has a responsibility to take action. Together we build the power necessary to nurture healthy and resilient communities where all can thrive. Together, we can elect officials – from the local to federal levels – who recognize the urgency and will respond with policies grounded in the lived experience of what effective care policies look like. 

Will you pledge to be a care voter? 
Our pledge is simple. As a care voter, you commit to:

  • Prioritize voting for candidates and laws that explicitly work to create equitable and accessible paid family and medical leave, paid sick and safe days, and affordable child care. 
  • Engage our communities to vote on care. Connect with the care activists in your life and invite them to join you at the polls.
  • Vote as an act of conscience and care, and on behalf of the interdependent web that supports us.

Your voice and your vote matters!

Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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