Stop Conrad Murray Appearing On I'm A Celebrity

The program I'm a celebrity was set up to showcase z list celebrity's that people remember from TV shows or people that are in the public eye now but aren't considered as A list living in the Australian jungle doing stupid things in order to win the show
It has two main programme's broadcast on the itv network a main show and a behind the scenes extra show
It has been very successful since its started re launching some z list celebrities careers.

Conrad Murray is the doctor hired by Michael Jackson in the run up to his This Is It tour shows in London he was hired to look after and treat Michael and have him fit for the shows
When Murray entered Michael's life he was made aware that Michael was addicted to the taking of propovol in order that michael could "sleep" Murray knew only too well that this drug was not a sleep aid and would ultimately kill michael
It is not a drug that can be taken by the patient it needs to be administered
For the wage that michael and aeg had agreed Murray agreed to, rather than do his job as a doctor and wean michael off the drug or get him to rehab or help michael in anyway, to keep administering the propovol to michael the end result being exactly what Murray knew it would be when Murray left the room during michael's final "sleep" to take a phone call michael stopped breathing and didn't notice til it was too late he failed to call an ambulance and failed to administer cpr in the correct way instead breaking michael's ribs
Murray went to court and was found guilty of manslaughter and jailed for 4 years but only served part of his sentence
Until now Murray has remained silent but recently he has published a book of which excerpts have been published in tabloids around the world causing even more upset to michael's family children and fans all over the world his book has been allowed to be published because of most countries freedom of speech laws no one who wanted to could stop it being written or sold
It's been obvious from the excerpts that have come to light that Murray's book is sensationalism tabloid lies aimed at him trying to make as much money as possible from his crime
Now it comes to light that Murray wishes to make himself into some kind of celebrity because of the role he finds himself in now
He is not a celebrity in any sense of the word the man is a convicted murder not to be celebrated in any way
If he is allowed to attend this show it will give the message to the youth of this country that killing someone will make you famous you'll be on TV and make money from it
This is not the impression we want for our youth or anyone else bringing Murray to a show like this is morally wrong on so many levels the man should be in prison for what he did not celebrated and given a chance to air more of his lies thru the medium of television

I am a lifelong fan of Michael's but this is not my main reason for this petition we have a moral duty in this country and the world over to make sure that our criminals and murderers are treated as such

I urge you as a fan of michael's or as a concerned citizen to sign this petition to keep the murderer conrad Murray off the television show I'm a celebrity
To prove to him that he is not welcome on our screens and we don't care what lies he has to talk about
And that we do not wish to see a murderer being celebrated on television in this way

You can also tweet @antandDec the hosts of the show and the programme @imacelebrity on twitter to show your disgust in this matter using the hashtag #boycottimacelebrity
All the networks care about is audience ratings so boycotting the show if they go thru with this is the only way to get their attention

Thank you for reading and please do the right thing and stop this criminal and future criminals being glorified in this way
I will present this petition to itv head office myself I am looking at a closing date of 27th of august let's give michael a good birthday present this year.

John Jackson

Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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