The Supreme Court's Assault on Affirmative Action is an Assault on Diversity and Equality in the U.S. We Must Speak Up.

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The U.S. Supreme Court, packed by Donald Trump with extreme right-wing conservatives, has dealt another blow to American progress and equality.

For over 40 years, affirmative action has evened the playing field for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (or BIPOC) applying to universities and colleges. Affirmative action has allowed these students to have their entire lives considered during admissions -- the way their communities, families, and schools have been impacted by racial inequality and the many things they had to overcome.

But this vital tool in addressing deep-rooted systemic inequalities was struck down by the Supreme Court and the nation has been set back decades. Now, Congress must act to enshrine affirmative action before too much damage is done!

Colleges and universities can no longer consider race as they decide who to grant admission to -- and the country's diversity and equality everywhere will absolutely suffer.

Affirmative action is not an advantage -- it's a safeguard. It's a way for students who would otherwise be unfairly looked over to be given a closer look, a second chance, and a way forward. The Supreme Court's striking down of affirmative action is a tragedy, plain and simple, and will lead to plummeting diversity in schools and beyond.

This decision strikes a blow to our collective commitment to creating a fair and inclusive society for all. It is crucial that Congress steps up and passes a law to codify affirmative action, safeguarding the principles of equal justice and racial justice. Sign the petition if you agree!
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