Help New York's Most Vulnerable Residents Keep Their Pets

Pets provide us with companionship and unconditional love, and they help combat loneliness. Pets are family, and advancing age, disability, or illness should never threaten to separate humans from their beloved pets.

At PAWS NY, we envision a society that honors the emotional, physical, and social benefits of the human-animal bond, where a lack of ability never threatens to separate humans from their animal companions, and the physical, emotional, and social benefits of the human-animal bond are incorporated into health care and social services.

Our Veterinary Care Program is critical to our mission — partnering with vets across NYC to cover wellness checks, vaccinations, emergency care, and more for the pets of our city's most vulnerable residents. In 2020, we coordinated more than 130 veterinary visits, including assisting with transportation thanks to support from our volunteer network.

We also provide a variety of other critical assistance programs. Through our Housecall Program, volunteers provide on-site visits to clients, where they help with dog walking, litter box maintenance, medication administration, and more. Our Pet Pantry donates pet food and supplies to clients, while our Foster and Emergency Care Program ensures care for our clients' pets so they can seek treatment when they are hospitalized or facing a medical crisis of their own.

PAWS NY can't do this work without support from people like you. We need your help to keep pets in their homes while protecting and promoting the human-animal bond.

Sign and show your support for PAWS NY and help New York's most vulnerable residents and their pets.
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