Say NO to burning trees for energy

The UK spends more money burning trees for energy than any other European country. An area of forest larger than 50,000 Wembley Stadium pitches was logged in 2020 so the UK could burn the trees for energy. Trees came from some of our planet's rarest and most special forests, like Canada's Boreal, Estonia's nature reserves, and the wetland forests of the Southern US, which are at the heart of a Global Biodiversity Hotspot.

At the same time, the UK Government claims it wants to lead the world in tackling the climate crisis, protecting nature, and cleaning up the air we breathe. 

Burning trees in giant power stations is dirty and destructive. It's polluting our environment and threatening wildlife already at risk of extinction, like the cerulean warbler, woodland caribou, and Louisiana black bear.

Stop the UK burning trees for energy. Sign the petition now.

Find out more about the Cut Carbon Not Forests campaign and how burning trees for energy threatens wildlife, our climate and communities.

Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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