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URGENT: All eight pangolin species are protected under national and international laws, and two are listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

With high levels of hunting and poaching for the illicit trade in their meat and scales – for traditional medicines in Asia, primarily in China and Vietnam – there has been a dramatic decrease in pangolin populations over the last 15 years.

Their meat and scales – purported to have medicinal properties without scientific basis – remain in high demand. Worse than a false cure, the trade could be a health risk, since pangolins carry diseases that can transmit to humans. If you need another reason to denounce the illegal trade, it's that every day this animal is trafficked, we risk a new zoonotic outbreak.

On top of that, pangolins' habitats are being destroyed. As pangolins' numbers decrease, so does the health of forests that humans depend on as well, since pangolins eat termites. Because pangolins depend on their habitat, and habitats depend on pangolins, these threats compound significantly.

Worse than any natural predator, humans are decimating pangolins. We must scale up our efforts to save them.

Show your commitment and stand up against the cruel targeting of this threatened species. Add your name as 1 of 50,000 advocates before we see another innocent pangolin poached or pushed out of their home.
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Firma la petizione
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