Demand credible Federal Climate Policy now

Momentum is building — now is our time to act on climate change.

Regardless of which party wins the next federal election, Australians want a climate policy, in line with the science. Call on the Australian Federal Government to implement a robust climate policy by signing this petition today.

Just consider the clean, sustainable Australia we could have: powered by cheap, renewable energy from the sun and wind, and propelled by non-polluting transport and food production.

But political inaction is holding us back from a future that could be ours.

The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report is a timely reminder of the science-backed case for urgent international climate action.

And yet, due to a current dearth of federal political action on climate change, Australia remains stalled with no credible climate and energy policy, while greenhouse gas pollution has risen again — four years running.

Take action today: sign this petition to demand that the Australian Federal Government sets out a clear, credible climate policy.

Dear Scott Morrison, Angus Taylor and Melissa Price,

Australians demand a robust climate policy, in line with the science of climate change.

I call upon the Australian Federal Government to urgently implement a credible climate policy, to rapidly drive down greenhouse gas pollution and create a clean, sustainable Australia for present and future generations.

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Firma la petizione
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