Tell the Government our kids need cleaner roads to breathe easy

The next generation of Aussies need a future where they can breathe fresh air and commute cleaner. Australia is a huge global polluter and transport emissions are rapidly rising. Our kids and grandkids deserve a clean, modern electric transport system.

By charging ahead with electric vehicles, we have a real opportunity to start driving down transport emissions – but we need to show the government there's a real community appetite for clean transport and demonstrate why it's critical for the health of the next generation of Aussies. 

We ask that you support ambitious policies to get more Australians in the driver's seat of an electric vehicle, such as:

  • Comprehensive EV strategies, including a target for 100% of new car sales to be electric by 2030
  • Deferring road user charges until EV uptake reaches 50%
  • Providing upfront subsidies to make the purchase costs of EVs on par with ICE vehicles
  • Waiving motor vehicle duty and registration fees
  • Investment to fill gaps in public and private charging infrastructure, and supporting homes and businesses to be EV ready

Introducing these policies will help grow a thriving EV industry that benefits everyone, and put Australia on the road to being a world leader in clean transport.

Help clean up our roads and accelerate climate action today. Sign the petition.

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Firma la petizione
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