Stop climate change! Tell Victorian pollies: It's time to repower Victoria with clean energy

For decades, Victoria's energy has come from burning brown coal. But coal is past its used-by date. It damages our climate and causes health and environmental problems.

We need to rapidly shift to the clean industries of the future, like wind and solar power with storage. And we need to make sure the workers and communities affected by the energy transition are supported and empowered to have a better future.

Tell our elected representatives and business leaders that it's time to drive a rapid transition from dirty fuels like coal to clean energy now.

Dear decisionmakers,

I call on our elected representatives and business leaders to:

  •        Source all our power from sun, wind, and water by 2030

  •        Phase out polluting coal and gas-fired power and rule out new coal mines or gas fields

  •        Help affected workers and communities prepare for jobs with a future

  •        Make sure the transition is fair so everyone, everywhere has access to clean renewable energy.

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Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

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