Demand that the Australian government changes the country of origin labelling laws for imported pork

Pigs are among the most intensively farmed animals on the planet. Globally, three out of four mother pigs are reared in barren factory farms where they are confined to steel cages – sow-stalls – no bigger than a standard fridge, for most of their lives.

Most Australian mother pigs are not kept in sow stalls. The pork industry in Australia supplies the fresh pork in our supermarkets and they're working on a phase-out of all cages. But what Australians don't know is that the majority of the processed pork in our supermarkets, such as bacon and ham, comes from pigs raised overseas, including from countries like the United States that keep mother pigs in cages for most of their lives. 

Unlike other food products, current labelling laws mean that shoppers have no way of knowing where pork products like ham and bacon came from. 

Australian shoppers don't want to see mother pigs in cages. That's why clear and transparent labelling is needed so shoppers can make more informed choices at the checkout. The Government is currently reviewing the country of origin labels. World Animal Protection recently made a submission to the review demanding clear labels for imported pork.

You can help keep the pressure on the Government by signing our petition demanding clear country of origin labels today. Tell them you don't want imported pork to be mystery meat. 

Sign the petition today to call on the Australian government, to ensure clear labels for imported pork in the future.

Image Credit: Thomas Alexander

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