Stand in Support of the Canada Disability Benefit, Empowering Millions of Canadians with Disabilities

We at March of Dimes Canada call on you to express your support for ensuring accessibility and inclusion in the development of the Canada Disability Benefit (CDB) which became federal law in June of 2023. We believe that this benefit has the potential to significantly improve the lives of people with disabilities experiencing poverty in Canada. With the legislative stage now complete, the upcoming regulatory process will determine important details about the Canada Disability Benefit. We also recognize the importance of creating an experience that is humane, empathetic, supportive, fully accessible, and leaves no one behind.

As the policy and regulations for the CDB are being formulated, we urge the federal government to prioritize the following principles and recommendations:

  • Accessibility Standards: Implement world-class accessibility standards in the design and delivery of the CDB, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can easily access and navigate the application process for the support they deserve.

  • Inclusive Co-creation: "Nothing About Us Without Us!" Fulfill the commitment to co- create the regulations for the CDB with the disability community, ensuring that the voices and perspectives of those directly affected by the benefit are actively included and considered.

  • Barriers Dismantling: Take proactive measures to dismantle barriers that hinder access to the CDB, ensuring that all eligible individuals, regardless of their disability or location, can receive the benefit without discrimination or unnecessary obstacles.

We call on the federal government to heed the voices of the disability community and work towards making the Canada Disability Benefit an exemplary model of accessibility and inclusion. Together, let's build a fair and inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunities and support.

Sign this petition to support accessibility and inclusion in the Canada Disability Benefit!
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Firma la petizione
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